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Learning Library - Free

NEW - A Free Access Level of The Learning Library.


I've moved free content into the Learning Library, but with NO COST. This content is just a snippet of everything that is available in the paid version.

  • Email Notifications

    How to use the super powerful area of Email Notifications for alerts to your team, your leads, and your affiliates. AND how to customize them to really get the most out of them!

  • Broadcasts v. Sequences

    When to use a broadcast or a sequence broken down into a super easy one question ask that will have you up to speed in no time.

  • GIF's

    How to use GIF's in Kartra. I love me a good GIF!

  • Using Form Fields to Help Control Bots

    Oldie but a goodie; this one is a little out of date but the principles still apply.

  • FREE DOWNLOADS: Kartra Checklist

    The first things you should be doing in a new account to make sure you are set up for success

  • FREE DOWNLOADS: My Exact Build Order

    The exact right way to build in Kartra to ensure you are avoiding all the back and forth

  • BONUS: Glossary

    All the terms defined in easy to understand terms and how they are relevant in Kartra

  • BONUS: Resources

    Some of my favorite tools to incorporate with your Kartra account for the max level of efficency . Many with added savings 



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